Professional Audio Since 1994
Stuart has worked as an audio professional in the games industry for many years, having created audio for a wide range of game types, including - family, horror, music, action, character, sports, casual and racing.

He has worked on various 'AAA' and licensed products, and titles that Stuart has worked on have been released on all major platforms - Playstation, PC, Xbox, Nintendo and mobile.

Widely experienced in all areas of audio design, Stuart's expertise covers all relevant software, including -
Sound Forge, Pro Tools, Cubase, Vegas, Audition, and middleware packages including - Wwise, FMOD and Unreal.

Recently completed some audio design for a VR title. Check out new content on the Listen page.

Stuart continues to work on multiple projects for various clients... For availability please get in touch.

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Other recent work beyond game sound includes audio for various apps, sound design for arcade machines, editing multiple language voice-overs for broadcast, and bespoke music for TV.