Here you will find work examples that demonstrate sound design, music composition, and voice production.

Music and sound design for the Monster Mountain Trailer was created by Stuart, working closely with the team at Funky Panda to make sure the audio was a perfect fit.
All the audio in this sound design showreel was produced by Stuart.
Stuart composed the music for this teaser trailer for the upcoming Dark Future: Blood Red States.
Sound-to-picture, in-game audio, vehicle sounds, weapons, impacts, ambiences, UI sounds, character sound, environmental audio etc.
Music Showreel
The game is a digital reboot of Games Workshop's cult boardgame, being developed by Auroch Digital.
Stuart was resposible for all music composition and sound design for Chainsaw Warrior, plus voice production and trailer audio.
All sound design for All Zombies Must Die! was created by Stuart, plus voice production and trailer audio.
A selection of music tracks in a range of styles, demonstrating Stuart's composition ability.
These tracks are from various video-games and promo movies that Stuart has worked on.
Music for the Liquid Games Showreel composed by Stuart.
For Karaoke Revolution: American Idol, Stuart was responsible for music transcribing, editing and implementation, plus voice recording, editing and implementation.
The game used voice recordings from the TV show judges.
Music and sound design for the Alias promo created by Stuart.
Music for the XGRA promo composed by Stuart.
A demo of Summer Heat Beach Volleyball gameplay - all sound design and audio implementation by Stuart.
All music composition, sound design and voice production for the Emergency Mayhem promo trailer was produced by Stuart.
Audio responsibilities included voice casting, recording and directing...
Music and sound design for the XG3 Intro movie by Stuart.
For Nations - Fighter Command Stuart was responsible for music, sound design and and voice production.
Music, sound design and voice production for G-Police by Stuart.
Styles include orchestral, cinematic, electronic, funk, dance and world music.