Original Music Composition
From a single piece of music to an entire soundtrack, written to your specification, whatever the requirement.

Reactive music, background music, front-end title tracks, character themes, location-based music, music-to-picture, cues, stings, loops etc - covering a wide range of contemporary styles.
Creative Sound Design
Highest quality original sound effects, designed uniquely for your project.

Incorporating in-game sound design, cut-scene sound design / sound-to-picture, animation sounds, field recording, Foley recording, editing, processing and implementation.
Voice Recording
Covering every aspect of getting voices into your game.

From the initial casting process to recording and directing the actors, plus editing, processing, and localization support.
Audio Implementation
Incorporating every stage of the process, including audio feature design, style development, innovative use of audio, and asset integration.

Includes use of audio middleware and asset control software.
Full Project Management
Complete supervision of your entire audio requirements.

Including: content design and planning, scheduling, asset creation, tools and technology design, budgeting and resource management.
All the other audio editing, processing, post-production, mixing and mastering services that you'd expect from 22 years professional audio experience.